A Complete Guide On How To Ace 10th Exams

The 10th board exams are supposedly the first opportunity to prove ourselves for most of us. It is a milestone that we all are compelled to hit for a good educational innings. Unlike other exams that a student appears for throughout his / her career, 10th board exams are likely to have a very deep impression

For every job interview / social gathering, one question which a student may come across is “how much did you score in 10th boards?” it is unfortunately the standard for testing intelligence and knowledge according to which one is going to be judged upon.

Though it is not the correct way of measuring the knowledge and intelligence of a person, you will have to come up with some good grades at least till the time our educational culture experiences a few legendary changes.


Here are few basic things that a student can follow to get a considerably good score in 10th Boards exam:
1) Follow your Class Lessons.
2) Study Corner at Home.
3) Solve Sample Papers.
4) Make Brief Notes.
5) Don't Leave for the End.
6) Revision.
7) Take short breaks.
8) Go through the Syllabus and weightage

Follow your Class Lessons

One of the most successful and practical pieces of advice you're ever going to listen to is to attend all the lectures. It is seen that if you attend your lectures with full concentration and brush up the already thought lecture within a day or two, you will have 50% work done and dusted.

Study Corner at Home

It is scientifically proven that our brain gets associated with place, things and action very easily and signals you to behave in a certain way. Keeping this in mind it will be a very wise decision or practice to have a fixed place for every activity especially studying. Start with finding the most calm and composed room / place at your house, make sure you are not around any source of distraction such as a television or a sound box or a passage where everyone in the family tents to pass by. This will set an algorithm for your brain to get in study mode whenever you sit in that study place.

Solve Sample Papers.

There is a very famous and time proven technique in SCM i.e Strategic Cost Management which talks about the 80 - 20 rule. It says that 80% of t he work can be done with only 20% efforts, meaning if one puts all of his efforts on the root cause or root area 80% percent of the problem can be solved. Relating this strategy here for 10th boards preparation, if you take the question papers of the past 5-10 years and give all your efforts in solving remembering those answers you shall be 80% prepared for your boards.

Make Brief Notes.

Making brief notes has always been very helpful while your preparation and study for board examinations. Always note down and make precise notes from your textbooks and reference books and from your class lessons. Highlight important headings and formulae in your notes and books as you could find them easily when needed. Your notes will be the good stuff for revision at the near time of your examinations. Make separate notes for each subject.

Don't Leave for the End

Some of the students usually do one common thing this include leaving some topics and lessons for the end. This habit may create a pressure on you at the end or at the revision time. Always cover all topics before 2 months of the examinations start. So that you can revise once whatever you have studied during your preparation


Do not buy any new book or do not read any new reference right before the examination. It will make you confused and you will mesh-up whatever you have studied. Now you have made your notes. It is a good time to revise these. A good revision can make your best score in board examinations. Always concentrate on those topics in which you are comparatively weak . Before revision make sure that you have completed your entire syllabus

Take short breaks.

Studying and revisions are all about settling down at a place knowing or memorizing the given syllabus if you look closely, it is all repetition of the same process and following this after a certain period of time our mind and body no longer stays in a position to accept anything or to put it in a better way, our efficiency tend to decrease. To avoid this taking a small 5-10 mins break can be a way out.

Go through the Syllabus and weightage

In 10th class standard, there is a rare possibility of awareness about the syllabus among students. Students have a tendency to follow the instructions and directions which have given by their teachers. Students are needed to be aware about the syllabus which is prescribed for the examination. Students can consult with their teachers about the prescribed syllabus. To get high marks, you will need to cover the entire syllabus with revision.