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Divine Coaching is a Tutoring Institute of India that helps students to crack competitive exams like CET, JEE, NEET, and Board Exams. We also provide Crash Courses for 8th, 9th, 10th, 11-12t, And much more. We have team of subject experts with qualification and experience.

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If you are looking at Future Of Your Student We Recomend you To Join us and See The results. Our Previous Students Achievements Were Best of Best Be Sure With Divine Coaching


Divine Coaching Knows The Problems of Students And help them to improve Them and to Achieve this Doubt Clearence Session are Proposed


Every Single Teachers is Qualified and Has 1+Yrs Of Experence so To understand what Students actually need and fulfill their need


We Also have Many Competions To keep Students Creativity alive and Impore is alos we have early GetTogether, Sendoff, and Much More.

10+ Courses

Divine Coaching Has Primary, Secondry and Competative Exams Courses

Expert Mentors

To provide Students with guidance, advice, feedback, and support to the mentee, serving variously as role model, teacher, counselor, advisor, sponsor, advocate, and ally, depending on the specific goals and objectives negotiated with the mentee.

STUDENT Supports

Guidance, resources and activities should be provided tosupport students on their journey through university,including induction, pastoral support, the development ofgeneric study skills and e-learning skills, and career advice.